Sources for Mascot Design Inspiration

black panther mascot costumeLooking for a fresh mascot design for your company or sports team? Inspiration can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look or are stuck in the mindset of the old design. Luckily, here at Hogtown Mascots, we have a long history of helping our clients come up with stand-out ideas that leave them with the perfect mascot. When looking for your next mascot design inspiration, consider the following:
Get Inspired By Your Logo
If your brand, team, or school already has a name or logo that you can draw inspiration from for your mascot design, why not work with it? Elements of your logo, or even the entire logo itself can be transformed into a lively mascot that is instantly recognizable by your audience. Choosing a mascot inspired by your logo allows you to stay true to your brand and find a new outlet to engage with your fans.
Your Products
Does your business specialize in one specific product or service? If so, animating or cartooning the product is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create a successful mascot. Consider M&M’s and their use of cartoon versions of the popular treat, or Planters Peanuts animated Peanut. These mascots are so successful because they are true to their name, and are easy to recognize wherever they show up. Whether you own a company specializing in tires or tacos, making a mascot of your product is a simple solution.
Use a Recognizable Character
Making use of friendly, recognizable faces is a fantastic way to ensure that your mascot is a hit. Characters like animals or notable historical figures are two great ways to ensure this. There’s a reason why so many high schools and sports teams use wildcats, gators, Vikings or pirates as a mascot. Mascots representing competitive sports leagues are even more likely to use this method, as a ferocious tiger or aggressive Viking help to give off an intimidating persona.
Ask Your Customers
One of the best ways to encourage interaction between your brand and your customers is by considering their opinions when looking for mascot design inspiration. Set up a poll or survey on your website asking customers what kind of mascot they would like to see representing your brand. Further down the design process you can similarly encourage customers to help name the mascot, giving them almost total control of the process!
Interested in more mascot design help? Contact us at Hogtown Mascots today! Our representatives have worked with countless businesses to help design the best mascots for their company. Take a look at our gallery of mascots for a sample of our recent creations.