Should Your Team Have Seasonal Mascot Costumes?

If you are looking for a way for your team to celebrate special occasions, why not consider seasonal mascot costumes, outfits and accessories? Everyone loves the fun and friendly face of a mascot, especially when the character matches the mood of the season. Follow these tips to create a seasonal mascot character for your team.
Celebrate the Holidays
The winter holidays are a time for festivity, family and fun. Get your team into the spirit of the season with a suitable seasonal mascot costume. Dressing your mascot in a Santa suit can help to draw the attention of kids and their parents, creating a buzz around your team at this special time of year. Or how about an elf’s hat or reindeer antlers?
Ghosts, Ghouls and Bunnies
Christmas doesn’t have to be the only cause for celebration in your team’s calendar. Why not take the chance to introduce seasonal mascot costumes for Easter and Halloween? Whether you decide on a friendly Halloween pumpkin, a spooky ghost or a witch’s hat, you’re sure to delight kids and adults alike by joining in with the spirit of the season. At Easter, show your supporters how much you care by having your Easter Bunny mascot hand out chocolate eggs — it’s a sure fire way to win the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere!
Custom Mascot Costumes
You don’t have to stick with off-the-shelf seasonal mascot costumes or props. Create a character that perfectly represents your team by designing your own custom costume for the upcoming holiday season. Some ideas include a winter snowman with a scarf in your team’s colors, or a mascot that sports your team’s logo somewhere on the costume.
Get in Character
Seasonal mascot costumes are great for setting the mood of a season, but a costume alone won’t make the magic happen. You also need to choose the right performer for your seasonal mascot costume. The best performers are eager to wear the costume and assume the identity of Santa, the Easter Bunny, or any other seasonal character you have created to represent your team. Have your performer try on the mascot costume and practice staying in character for a while before the day of the live performance. This practice time gives the performer a chance to perfect their movements and gestures, as well as allowing them to get used to the way the costume feels. It’s easy to overheat inside a mascot costume, so it’s important to check that your performer is wearing light, sweat-wicking clothing and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.
Hogtown Mascots Can Help
Having trouble creating the perfect seasonal mascot for your team? Hogtown Mascots can help you with every aspect of your preparation, from designing a custom mascot character that fits the mood of the season to creating a costume that is comfortable and fun to wear. Get in touch today to see how we can help you pull off a holiday celebration that your supporters will remember for years to come.