Should I Trademark My Mascot Design?

So you’ve made the decision to have a custom mascot created to represent your corporate sports or school identity. Now that it’s been designed, constructed and is ready to roll, the question is, should you have your mascot design trademarked?
The need to protect your mascot design is based on its role in your marketing efforts. A mascot provides a personal touch to your marketing efforts in much the same manner as human representatives. This is important because the personal touch makes it that much easier for people to remember your business compared to a plodding statement of the facts. However, a mascot is most unlike human representatives in that it can become more and more useful over time rather than the reverse, not least because it is immune to the ravages of time.
In short, you need to protect your mascot design because it can be an efficient and effective part of your brand.
The Need to Protect Your Mascot Design
It is no exaggeration to say that your brand is perhaps the single most important asset that your business can have.
Examples of a brand’s usefulness to the business are both numerous and varied in kind. For example, a powerful brand means that more people are interested in a business, thus constantly creating opportunities to make a sale. At the same time, a powerful brand means that the business has an easier time convincing interested individuals to buy its products and services, meaning that a bigger percentage of its opportunities are converted into actual revenue. Other examples range from an easier time securing talent to making it easier for interested individuals to tell the business from its competitors.
Given the importance of the brand, it stands to reason that its components must be protected by trademarking them. This serves two purposes – making sure that you are the only one who can use them and making sure that no one else can misuse. Otherwise, your failure to trademark your mascot design leaves your business vulnerable to being damaged by the malice of others.
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