Should I Refurbish a Mascot Costume or Purchase a New One?

We receive lots of enquiries from clients who currently have a mascot costume and are trying to decide whether to keep it or replace it with a new one. Maybe they’ve just pulled it out of storage after a long period of time and it needs some tlc, or perhaps it’s been damaged in some way and is worth repairing. Love it or leave it, here are few things to consider that will help you make the right decision.

How Much Wear and Tear?

If any of the following apply to your costume, you should strongly consider replacement.

  1. The mascot shows signs of mold or mildew, particularly inside the head. You don’t want to be breathing in mold spores while you’re in costume. It’s dangerous and can lead to illness.
  2. The fur or fabric has become threadbare. If the fur on the head, body, gloves or feet have any bare patches, it’s time to replace. Sometimes you can get away with re-covering an existing head or making a new jumpsuit or other pieces, as long as the mascot shop is able to find the same kind of material to match what’s already there. Many times though, particularly if the suit is very old, you’re better off replacing fur on the entire costume.
  3. The head is crushed or cracked. Aside from looking obviously strange, a defective head may be uncomfortable to wear, not line up properly with the rest of the suit, or affect the performer with reduced visibility or mobility. Any loose or protruding parts can also be dangerous for the wearer.
  4. Structural integrity is compromised. If the inner structure of your mascot is broken and is looking misshapen, you’ll need to get that fixed or replaced. If your mascot is a coffee cup, but looks more like a tear drop…you know what we mean.

Does It Still Represent Your Brand?

Companies change their image all the time. Schools perhaps less frequently, but it still occurs. If you were represented by a Spartan many years ago and now your mascot is a dragon, why are you still pulling that old Spartan mascot out of mothballs every year?

Blaze dragon mascot costume

More than anything, your mascot needs to be your brand ambassador and communicate who you are or what you do. Don’t compromise by using a mascot costume that will just confuse people.

Is It Comfortable and Safe to Wear?

In our opinion, safety is the most important consideration for whether or not to invest in a new mascot. We hear it time and time again from many new clients – “We bought a cheap costume online and we can’t see out of it, or it’s too hot, or it’s impossible to move around.” When the suit you’re wearing restricts your vision and mobility, you are putting yourself in danger as well as those around you. Also, you are not able to perform as effectively as you could in a properly-constructed custom mascot costume.
If you’re still unsure what decision to make, contact us  and we can help you out. We can also talk to you about any of our custom mascot products and services!