Reasons to Update Your Custom Mascot

When it comes to team-building and creating a great rapport with a group, a custom mascot is built to handle the job. It embodies the spirit of its team, carrying with it rallying cheers to the finish line (or basket, goal, post, or win). Sometimes, however, even the well-intended custom mascot can accidentally leave out members of the community who would otherwise be thrilled to be a part of the program.
Our team at Hogtown Mascots understands that everyone wants to fit in. That’s why we design custom mascots that are meant to please the masses. If you’re considering changing up your own company or school’s representative, check out these reasons why upgrades can be a great thing:

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Recently, more stories have started to surface regarding the divide in communities due to organizations’ mascots. In particular, Native Americans have voiced feelings of discomfort over schools’ custom mascot choices and accompanying crowd chants. Certain logos, designs and characters can lend themselves to cultural insensitivity, even when negativity is an unintended response.

If you’re worried that your organization’s character might be creating its own culturally insensitive chaos, this is a great time to reevaluate. A brand new custom mascot can breathe new energy into an otherwise less-than-spirited school or organization. Survey the surrounding community, check in with recent trends and create a custom mascot worthy of your brand!

  • Outdated Designs: If the whole point of having a custom mascot represent your team is to build camaraderie, you should have something that’s fashionably up-to-date and in touch with the trends.

If your organization’s character is feeling out of touch with today’s audience, a custom mascot can bring you into 2015 with a few fresh updates that still pay homage to the original face. If your community loves the original person or product that represents it, a few tweaks and touches can make a big impact in a huge or tiny arena.  More vibrant colors and updated threads can take a piece of worn out cloth straight to the red carpet.

  • Rebranding: Over time, some businesses introduce new products and services to the market, but their logo and mascot no longer reflect the change. This is a great opportunity to change your mascot to reflect the entire company including its new developments, so your company image is consistent and give it a fresh look.

If you are interested in learning more about how one of our mascots can enhance your organization’s team spirit?  Contact our Hogtown Mascots team, and let us know what we can do for you!