Mass-produced vs professional mascot costumes

You already know that a mascot costume is a perfect solution for your organization’s needs. You may have even chosen what type of creature your mascot will be and how it will look. In this case, the only thing left for you to do is to actually get your mascot costume produced. This is a critical step that you cannot approach haphazardly. Before you get your mascot costume made, you must determine whether you will use the services of a professional mascot costume maker, or have yours mass-produced. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two options.
Professional mascot costumes look better
A mascot costume that is mass-produced is created with volume in mind. Because of this, their quality suffers. As a result, the appearance of your mascot costume will be less than what you would expect.
Professional mascot costumes, on the other hand, are produced by hand, and the maker will often allow you to follow the mascot’s creation process from beginning to end.
Professional mascot costumes last longer
When costumes are mass-produced, it also affects the durability of your costume. Instead of taking time to ensure that every aspect of the costume is properly assembled, the only concern is completing the assembly fast, no matter how good the job is. This – in addition to lower quality materials – will cause your mascot costume to wear down faster than it should, or be damaged by something that shouldn’t harm it.
A professionally made mascot costume is produced with the quality of each stitch and accessory in mind.
You won’t know the circumstances under which a mass-produced mascot costume was made
Because of lack of worker protection regulations in some countries where costumes are made, there is no way that you can know for sure whether or not a mass-produced mascot costume was produced in a sweat shop. Foreign countries in which products are mass-produced have been notorious for poor working conditions and low wages.
When a professional organization produces your mascot costume, you can rest assured that it is being assembled by well-treated and fairly compensated professionals.
You can’t always rely on receiving a mass-produced mascot costume on time
Although some mass-producers of mascot costumes allow you to add design elements outside of their normal stock costume options, this doesn’t guarantee that you will get what you want. Instead, you simply have to hope that the mass-producer knows what you need. Also, the conditions of mass-production increase the likelihood that your mascot costume will have parts from another mascot, or even be the wrong colour. Or, if you try to buy it off a retail shelf, there may not be an appropriate size, and they may even lack a professional and quality appearance. You want your audience to believe and buy into your mascot; a professional mascot can achieve that.
After walking through the entire design with you, a professional mascot costume maker will allow you to see the progress of the costume’s production at every stage. This gives you the opportunity to correct mistakes if they do happen.
Mass-production processes tend to create a “one-size-fits-all” product, or all costumes look the same. Therefore, another company or brand could have the same mascot. A professional costume maker will customize the size to meet your needs, even if the intended wearer is over 7 feet tall. Since Hogtown Mascots works off of your design idea, you can have a unique costume that looks nothing like one bought off a retail shelf, or one bought online.
Make sure that you get the mascot costume you imagined
By going with a professional mascot costume maker, you ensure that you get the mascot costume you expect and deserve. Contact the mascot professionals at Hogtown Mascots to get your mascot idea started today.