Mascot Video Ideas to Boost Your Brand

mascot-video-ideasEveryone loves a great mascot video. Whether a mascot character is performing an impressive stunt, interacting with fans or pulling an epic prank, catching it on video is a sure-fire way to get more exposure for your mascot, your brand, or your sports team. Keep in mind that your next mascot video doesn’t have to be caught on film at an event. Why not design video marketing materials that make your mascot the star of the show?
In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most entertaining ways you can leverage your mascot character to create outstanding mascot videos:

  1. Mascot Music Video
    Hop on board with the latest trends in music and re-create an iconic music video with your mascot. Think Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, or Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”. If you notice an up-and-coming song with a catchy tune and a signature dance move, create a parody mascot video to capture the attention of fans.
  2. Stage a Rivalry
    You and a competing team can both benefit from the publicity of a video that captures a showdown between two rival mascots. Have the mascots compete in a ridiculous challenge and capture it all on film. For even more interactive fun, ask fans to vote for a winner or design a friendly bet that leaves the losing mascot with an unfortunate task. Film their punishment as well for a great follow-up video!
  3. Unveil Your New Mascot
    If you’re ready to introduce a new mascot for your team or business, a well-planned video is an excellent way to spread the news. Consider creating a mascot video that details your character’s backstory and how he or she has worked hard to get to where they are today. Or, create a video montage of your mascot training and getting in shape for the upcoming season. There are many directions you can take with your video to ensure your new mascot reveal makes a splash.
  4. Create Videos to Spread Your Message
    Involve your mascot in videos to support your company’s overall message. For example, create videos for your company’s FAQs and have your character help illustrate the answer with the help of a spokesperson. Making your mascot a part of your overall video marketing strategy will help foster brand awareness and help people remember your message long after they finish watching.

Looking for more fun mascot video ideas and marketing strategies? Stay tuned to the Hogtown Mascots Blog. We’re here to help you with all things related to designing outstanding mascot characters and using them effectively to market your company or team. Contact us today to learn how we can help!