Mascot Marketing Ideas for Your Website

Incorporating your team mascot into your website can be an effective way to give your brand a unified message and bring your character’s unique personality into your online marketing tactics. There are plenty of ways you can use the instant recognizability of your mascot to boost your marketing and brand awareness overall.
The following are fun suggestions for leveraging your mascot character on your website to attract and engage with your fans or customers:

  1. Create Social Media Profiles for Your Mascot
    Your business or sports team likely already has profiles on Facebook and Twitter, but does your mascot? A mascot social media account is a great place to share all the fun content that may not quite fit under your main brand profiles. With a dedicated social profile for your character, you can really explore new and creative mascot marketing ideas.
  1. Share Content From Your Fans
    Your audience is likely already sharing content about your mascot and your team or brand. Photos from events, selfies with your mascot and videos of his crazy stunts are a great resource you can leverage for your social media accounts or a page on your website dedicated to your mascot. Be sure to encourage fans to participate through dedicated hashtags, or promote a photo contest or giveaway.
  1. Brand Your Website
    If your mascot is truly the face of your brand, it can be highly effective to integrate your mascot into the overall design of your website. Your mascot can make your team or business instantly recognizable. Consider incorporating a photo, video or stylized drawing of your mascot in the header of your website to amplify your branding.
  2. Let Your Mascot Blog
    Consider adding a regular feature to your blog (call it something fun, like “Mascot Monday”!), written by your mascot. These blog posts don’t have to be too serious, and can be written in a more casual tone than your typical blog posts. In these posts, you can cover topics such as upcoming events, or even simply a day in the life of your mascot.
  3. Promote Your Mascot’s Backstory
    Create an entire section of your website dedicated to your mascot, his or her story, likes and dislikes and other fun information. Or, include your mascot in your company’s “About Us” section, complete with headshot and bio.

Integrating your mascot character into your website can be a creative way to get more exposure for both your mascot and your business, sports team or cause. If you’re looking for the perfect custom mascot that will help you market your brand more effectively, get in touch with the experts at Hogtown Mascots today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about the mascot design process and help you create a fun and memorable character of your own.