Mascot Costume Ideas for Businesses

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. You can offer the best products and service in the market today but that does you little good if nobody’s heard of you. One underrated aspect of marketing is having a well-known mascot. Mascots are memorable and cause potential customers to easily remember your company’s name and business.
Guerrilla marketing has become one of the most unique ways to reach customers. Here is a brief explanation on how to incorporate a mascot into your guerrilla marketing campaign.
What Is Guerrilla Marketing?
Guerrilla marketing refers to marketing methods outside the traditional marketing channels. Flash mobs, graffiti, stickers, and other unorthodox ideas are related to guerrilla marketing. Aside from standing out from the norm it’s also cheaper and more localized than traditional marketing methods. A mascot fits in well with this unique marketing approach.
Why A Mascot?  
Guerrilla marketing is still a very much ‘feet on the ground’ approach to marketing your business. A localized marketing campaign that is unique and interacts more directly with customers is an ideal place for mascot costume ideas. Once your mascot is out in the public people will stop and notice. Most people like mascots and find them amusing. The average person when they see a mascot putting on a show will interact with them. High fives and pictures on social media are common outcomes.
Getting a Customized Mascot Costume
Guerrilla marketing is often low key and low cost. Mascot costumes are not nearly as expensive as you think and they are a lasting addition to your company marketing plan and overall brand identity. We make customized mascots of all shapes and sizes creating a unique character that matches your company image.
Now that you’ve got one of our customized mascots your next question is where to start the guerrilla marketing campaign. For starters think outside the box. While trade shows are clear winners from a marketing perspective there’s also local farmer’s market, festival, malls, etc. (with permission of course). Take advantage of technology as well. Your mascot costume ideas should involve something memorable such as funny skits, so be sure to record video of it and upload it. Remember the key of guerrilla marketing is to reach people in unconventional ways.
Your custom mascot can be used in traditional marketing methods, or unconventional ways so people are naturally drawn to your character and business. Whether you’re interacting with the public offline or online, make your mascot well-known and appealing. Hogtown Mascots can bring your design to life whether it’s a character, object, team icon or others. Contact us for more information about creating your mascot.