Mascot Accessories that Make Your Mascot Look its Best

One of the best parts about going to sporting events is the fun of the watching team mascots. They can add that something extra to any game environment. Here are some mascot accessories to help your mascot stay in the public eye longer and give that little bit extra at any event.
Cooling Accessories
Wearing a mascot costume and running around a stadium can be hot. There are some lightweight, dry and reusable accessories that can keep your mascot cooler and in the public eye longer. A favourite mascot accessory in the summer is the battery powered fan. This allows fresh air to flow in and out of the mascot costume so your performer is more comfortable. The fan is located in the mascot’s head and is removable when needed. Another option is a one-size cooling vest that keeps your core temperature a bit lower, especially sport team mascots who may be dancing and running at the games.
Clothing and Props
Clothing and other props can add the perfect touch to your character’s costume and add personality to brands, schools, corporations and sports teams. If you are planning an event for a children’s party, or festival, choose from a variety of accessories that matches your mascot so you can ignite everyone’s imagination. Perhaps your character is a pirate or a superhero and a cap or sword would complete the mascot. Or how about different outfits for special occasions or holidays?
Tote Bags
Every mascot also needs a tote bag. They come in one large size so you can carry all your accessories to help your mascot perform. These totes are great for storing cooling accessories and some props at events, so your mascot doesn’t have to hold them and can continue to entertain fans.
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