Mascot Accessories That Make Suiting Up More Comfortable

Every sports team has one, every school wants one, and even your favorite charity often uses one; mascots are not only fun to have but they are quite popular too. Mascots are used to represent an identity or brand and it can be a strong and effective way of marketing. But, have you ever thought of how a mascot is made? 
Mascots are designed and then custom built from specialized materials, according to a client’s unique needs. These mascot can come in almost any size or shape, making them ideal for any sports team, school, charity event or other special occasion. The materials used are made from a combination of fabric or foam; however, no upholstery foam, compressed paper or fiber glass is used during the manufacturing of mascots. This is to avoid the suit from trapping moisture and bacteria, or becoming too heavy or toxic to wear.
The foam that is used is quite breathable and will not trap moisture inside, but even though it is made from lightweight materials, it can become very hot inside while wearing the suit. This is why you can benefit from a variety of mascot accessories that will make wearing this suit more comfortable and convenient. This can include cooling vests and fans. Cooling vests are made specifically to wear inside a mascot suit to help cool you down and they can easily be worn underneath your costume. They are available in various sizes and you can also use optional mascot accessories like an additional set of cooling packs, extension straps and more. 
Also keep in mind that your mascot should have sufficient ventilation. If the head of the costume is completed enclosed, it might be potentially dangerous for the wearer. You might not get enough fresh air inside the mascot head. This is why cooling fans and vests are always recommended when you wear these costumes. 
Hogtown Mascots offers a variety of services, including cleaning, repairs and maintenance, refurbishment, storage and logistical support. Training can also be provided if needed. If you need props to go with your mascot, you can choose from a variety of products from Hogtown Mascots. This makes it easy to plan your next event and get everything you need to ensure that your mascot is the center of attention. 
Hogtown Mascots specializes in a variety of custom made mascots as well as mascot accessories. We can help you design and build your ultimate mascot and make sure that it is comfortable to wear with our various mascot accessories. For more information on how to order your very own customized mascot, please visit us online or contact us directly at 1-877-622-8422.