Invite a Sesame Street Walkaround Character to Your Next Event

Planning a successful event is difficult, to say the least. You have to pick an appropriate venue, provide plenty of activities, make sure there is enough of everything and make sure that nobody feels left out. One way to help light up guests’ faces is to invite a few of your favourite Sesame Street walkaround characters to meet and greet with the crowd. Let’s take a look at why this is a brilliant move:
A Sesame Street character at your event will add a sense of nostalgia
Whether you are five years old or fifty, Sesame Street is or was a part of your childhood in some way. As such, the very sight of your favourite Sesame Street character is sure to spark up nostalgia when it walks into the room. Take advantage of this feeling to create a wonderfully positive experience for all your guests.
Kids love Sesame Street characters
While the “big kids” are reminiscing about how much fun Sesame Street made their childhoods, the real kids will be going nuts at the sight of their favourite Sesame Street character. This will help draw more attendees, if people know you are presenting something extremely exciting for children.
Sesame Street characters will increase your event’s profile
Take any event to the next level, and keep the crowds energized while they are on site. Sesame Street walkaround characters will bring something special to any event that is free and open to the public such as street fairs, community festivals, fire station open houses, environment days, etc.
Booking a Sesame Street character is easy 
Hogtown Mascots is an authorized license partner of Sesame Workshop and the only provider of Sesame Street walkaround characters in Canada. We will take care of everything needed to present the characters at your event, including getting your event approved, providing professionally-trained performers and handlers, a photo backdrop and communications/marketing support.
Contact us today to book Sesame Street walkaround characters for your next event!