How to Start Your Career as a Professional Mascot

If you’re an aspiring mascot performer looking to go pro, it can be tough to figure out how to break into the business. But, with the proper training, networking and hard work, you can find a fun and rewarding career as a professional mascot. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how you can prepare yourself and start looking for a job as a pro mascot.

Professional Mascot Training

Working towards a career as a professional mascot will always involve lots of practice and preferably, professional mascot training. Your training can take a number of different forms, from gymnastics, dance and acting lessons to mascot performance training from expert performers like the ones at Hogtown Mascots.
No matter which types of training you choose, the guidance of a professional will help you develop and master these unique skill sets that will allow you to stand out as a mascot. Decide what type of mascot character you want to be. Will you be a dancer with amazing moves and eye-catching routines? Or, will you be a goofy mascot who performs gags and funny skits for the audience? Choose the style you excel at most in order to focus your training.

Finding a Professional Mascot Job

The key to moving up in your professional mascot career is to start small. Many pro mascots start as a high school or college mascot, or even as a mascot handler, working their way up to larger gigs. From here, your next steps may be to land a job as a mascot for a minor league team before performing with a pro sports team or big name brand. In all cases, however, becoming a professional mascot will take time and lots of effort must be put into networking.
Consider making a highlight reel of your performances as your current mascot character. A collection of your greatest clips will not only be a great way to promote your mascot character now, it can also be an effective tool to show off your skills as you search for future mascot jobs. Plus, you can learn from watching yourself perform and identify areas where you can improve.
Connecting with other mascot performers will also open up doors to help you show off your skills and land future jobs. Reach out to everyone you know in the mascot community, sports teams and any other places that may be searching for a mascot and keep looking for that first mascot job. From there, continue to network and work your way up and keep improving your skills!
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