How To Make a Mascot Head With an Excellent Range of Vision

If you are trying to figure out how to make a mascot head yourself, that doesn’t limit your visibility or make it hard to move around, there are several ways to improve your design. Of course, the ultimate goal is to create a mascot head that allows you to see what is going on around you, but also keeps your face well hidden. Here are a few tips from the experts on how to make a mascot head.
Foam First
The first step in your mascot head design will be creating a general form out of sturdy foam material. A mascot builder will use special adhesive to put this form together and achieve the general shape of the mascot’s head you are going for. The good news is that this foam is easy to form and also easy to shape so that every aspect of your mascot head can be manipulated at this stage. The placement and angle of helmets and shoulder harnesses is crucial at this stage in order to properly align any vision openings to the same height where the performer’s eyes will tend to be. Sometimes it’s the actual eyes of the character, but often it will be through the nose or mouth.
By the time the general shape is nailed down, the points of vision have been determined. If your mascot doesn’t have a typical face, you want to conceal the eye holes in the natural creases and lines of the mascot’s front without punching out large areas.
Fur or Other Material
Now that you have the shape of your head set, it’s time to choose the covering. Many designs are covered in fur-like materials, but there are several other options, depending on the character style. When you are deciding how to make a mascot head, shop around and get samples of potential fabric to ensure you are making the right choice. Professional mascot designers will use lightweight, but heavy duty materials, making sure that it fits smoothly into the eye holes without blocking your vision.
In many cases mascot builders use a sheer screen-like material that matches the color of their other materials to cover the eye holes. This helps blend the holes into the overall appearance of the mascot head from the outside without obstructing your vision at all from the inside. No more obvious eye holes in your mascot head.
Designing a mascot head is a tricky process, and it does require some patience to get it right. The initial foam shaping process is the most difficult, and takes attention to detail to get it right before any of the finishing touches can be done. Make sure that you take the time to wear and test your mascot head during this step for a little while to ensure that it is comfortable and provides sufficient visibility both long range and side to side. Make changes to the shape before you begin attaching the outer material so you can ensure you’ll have an excellent rage of vision when it comes time to perform.