How to Make a Good Mascot Video About Coronavirus

How to Make a Good Mascot Video About Coronavirus

With all the uncertainty around the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to maintain a spirit of hope and positivity. This is especially true for children, who may feel anxious during the self-isolation period. COVID-19 has disrupted their daily routine of going to school, meeting with friends, and playing in the outdoors. Just like any adult, the children have to deal with their own worries about COVID-19.

Creating a good mascot video about coronavirus is an amazing way to lift anybody’s spirits. A fun mascot in a video can entertain kids and make them feel more connected during isolation. The mascot video is also a valuable learning resource, since it informs children about the latest coronavirus news. Plus, the video can be used to share important advice with safety and hygiene.

Mascot videos have tremendous creative potential, particularly for schools. By combining entertainment and education into a video format, schools can convey a positive message for their students during these troubling times. If you need some interesting ideas to get started, follow these tips on how to make a good mascot video about coronavirus:

1. Keep the mascot video lighthearted

Keep the mascot video lighthearted.

Above all else, a good mascot video should be engaging. If you want to create a mascot video that will resonate with kids, it’s important to keep the tone light. Older kids may understand what is going on in the world with coronavirus, and it’s likely causing them some degree of fear. They will appreciate the morale boost from a lighthearted mascot video from their school.

Younger kids may not grasp the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak, but they can sense a shift in the environment around them. A child will notice when loved ones are upset, which can cause them distress as well. That’s why a good mascot video should be fun, silly, and lighthearted. A successful video can bring out a cheerful smile to anybody’s face!

2. Set up recurring videos

Instead of making just one video, try creating a series of videos that can be released on a weekly basis. With this regular schedule, it will entice kids to keep watching and give them something to look forward to each week.

The more creative you can be, the better. For your school’s mascot video ideas, come up with a simple storyline that leaves the viewers wanting more. Maybe the mascot has a rival and they keep pulling pranks on each other, so the viewers will have to tune in next week to see what happens!

3. Make the video interactive

Another way to keep kids engaged is to make the mascot videos interactive. If you want to create a video outlining some facts about coronavirus, you can invite kids to send in their questions. Then, you can respond to these questions in your next video. Since new discoveries with coronavirus are being made every day, these questions provide an outlet for kids to learn about the most up-to-date information.

4. Make the mascot relatable

Kids want content that is relevant to them, so it’s important to make the mascot videos relatable. When designing the video script, add popular references to current children’s TV shows, movies, and songs. Familiarity is a powerful feeling, and kids will enjoy a mascot that speaks their language.

Need some good ideas for a school mascot video? You can use the mascot to recreate a scene from a popular movie. Similarly, you can make a music video with your mascot doing a parody of a hit song. For even more impact, try changing the lyrics or the script to be information points about staying safe and healthy!

Another fun video idea is to create a lively dance, showcasing the best dancers from your school faculty. The video can invite students to get out of their seats and follow the groovy rhythm. As the kids dance along with their favourite mascots, they will enjoy a healthy dose of physical exercise. The mascot video can also be widely publicized on the TikTok social media platform, which is well-known for their online dance challenges.

5. Consider the mascot’s speaking voice

The audio components of your mascot video should be taken into consideration. Your speaking voice may get muffled inside a mascot costume, making it difficult to record the sound clearly in a video. Instead, it could be more effective to add the narration or a voiceover for the mascot in the post-production editing.

You can also record the mascot video without speaking at all. The mascot can communicate with the viewers by simply writing out the text and displaying these messages for the camera.

6. Post the video on social media

Post the mascot video on various social media platforms.

In today’s world, many kids actively use social media platforms to engage with their peers. Now that they are stuck at home all day, their online usage is probably even higher. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat are all popular among youths. Many kids use these platforms to connect with their friends, during a time when they feel isolated from the world.

The best way to showcase your mascot videos is by posting them on a variety of online platforms. When the kids see the video appear on their social media timelines, they may share this interesting content with their friends. Keep an eye on the comments section as well, since there may be specific coronavirus questions that you can answer.

7. Find a good balance between entertainment & information

Before you make a mascot video, you should take some time to refine your message. Consider the main points, the communication style, and the overall focus. With a topic as serious as the coronavirus pandemic, you don’t want the video to come across like a lecture. There needs to be a balance between sharing important health information and providing some lighthearted entertainment.

Finding the right balance can be tricky, so you should take some time to polish the video script. A good mascot video will embed the educational information as part of the main storyline, so the message will feel natural and exciting. If you produce a thoughtful video, your mascot may transform into a beacon of hope for students during the coronavirus outbreak.

While you may want to pack the video with lots of content, try to keep the length short and simple. The usual attention span for these videos won’t exceed beyond a couple of minutes. Don’t overstuff your videos with too much information at once. Instead, you can spread the content across multiple shorter videos, which may improve the viewer retention rates.

Do you feel inspired to make your own mascot video about the coronavirus pandemic? Contact us to design a custom mascot and let’s share your video message with the rest of the world!