How to Extend the Life of Your Mascot Head

To keep up appearances in every event, it is essential that you take good care of your mascot. These general cleaning and maintenance tips will help you prolong the life of your mascot head; however, if you are unsure about any specific needs for your mascot, you should contact the manufacturer or ask about our professional cleaning service.
Start with an All-Over Clean
It is best to begin with a basic clean of your entire mascot head, inside and out. To clean the outside of the head, fill a spray bottle with warm water combined with a teaspoon of mild detergent. Spray this mixture on an area of your mascot head, particularly focusing on any dirty patches. Using a cloth, carefully rub the mascot to remove stains, paying attention to painted areas to avoid removing details.
Working in one small area at a time, go over the entire head in this way and use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the water. Then, to rinse the mascot head, this time use a spray bottle filled with plain cold water. Rinse your mascot head, using the wet/dry vacuum to take up all excess water until it is completely clear of soap — any detergent that remains may change the texture of the fur or make the head prone to becoming soiled more easily.
After the outside is clean, it is time to wash the inside of the head. Simply wipe around all surfaces with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Once you are finished, leave the head out to dry and, if possible, leave your mascot out until you need to pack it again for your next event.
Cleaning Plastic Pieces
Features on your mascot’s head, such as the eyes, may be made from plastic. These often become scuffed or stained leaving a worn-out look; however, you can easily clean these features help them look as good as new.
If plastic pieces are soiled with just a little dirt, they may only need a quick clean with a cloth and water. Deeper stains may require a stronger cleaning substance such as alcohol. One of the best ways is to use an alcohol wipe. 
You should test a small area before cleaning the entire piece to ensure the wipe will not remove paint, cause color to fade, or otherwise damage the plastic.
Avoiding Wear and Tear in Antron Fleece
Antron fleece is a nylon fabric used for Muppet-type characters and has the tendency to lose its original texture by becoming matted. Luckily, there is no need to replace your mascot when it starts looking shabby – you can easily regain the former fuzzy appearance by dabbing Velcro across the fur to lift the fibers. Never use a brush on Antron fleece — this will ruin the fabric.
Caring for Faux Fur
Faux fur has very different needs to Antron fleece; in fact, you should regularlybrush this fabric using a wire pet brush. After washing is a particularly good time to brush in order to achieve a fluffy look. Make sure you avoid pulling the fabric too hard as you may end up pulling out some of the fur.
For more information about cleaning your mascot or to order a new custom mascot costume, contact us at Hogtown Mascots.