High School Mascots as a Tool to Inspire Learning

Long gone are the days of live farm animal high school mascots being stolen in sitcoms by the rival high school sports team (seriously, what was that about?). Today, high schools all over the country now opt for the arguably more versatile, and harder to steal mascot costume. Sure, they may be less realistic, but they can certainly perform more tricks than Billy the Goat!

When designing high school mascots, it’s important to consider a design and character that aligns with the identity of the school and not only gets the crowds cheering, but can also be used to inspire learning within the classroom setting.

So, how does a high school mascot make the transition from purely being a fixture on the sports field, to earning a spot in the classroom? By focusing and channeling specific areas of study and interests. At the end of the day, mascots capture attention and are memorable, which in turn make a subject engaging and can help students retain information. In this blog we’ll look at specific examples where a High School Mascot can be a valuable part of the learning toolbox, inspiring students within the classroom!


Before we hit the changing rooms, let’s first explore why high school mascots are such a great tool on the court or field. Not only can they help pump up a crowd, but they also encourage school spirit and a sense of identity among players, faculty, and school supporters alike. Having your mascot appear in different sports events and in general encouraging physical wellness, help foster inclusion and promote an active lifestyle among high schoolers.

Some schools also include their mascots in active challenges within the student body as a way to promote positive, healthy competition! Plus, with today’s online student body, mascots and sports events are easily shareable and can encourage positive social media interaction.  

STEM Learning

There’s a huge focus on encouraging students to engage in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning as it has many avenues and can help foster an interest in an ever-evolving industry. This being said, many post-secondary institutions report declining numbers of students within STEM education. Getting more high-school students engaged within these avenues is critical – and a mascot can help! A high school mascot encouraging and raising awareness about science and tech fields can inspire a student who never thought about the subjects to take an interest in them, or even help them encourage a future in the field.


For many generations, art programs have been present within the high school setting, with art students showing off their many talents in various mediums. However, whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, performer, or aspiring musician, one thing is certain; you’re bound to experience a creative drought. A mascot encouraging the arts can do wonders for inspiration. Maybe your mascot is a turtle who now moonlights as a poet. The sky’s the limit here to instil in high school students that they can go as far as their imagination takes them. Although the old “art students vs jocks” trope isn’t that prevalent now, a creative high school mascot can definitely influence future creatives, instil pride and purpose, and make budding creatives feel like they’re part of an inclusive setting. A high school mascot can also influence students to attend an arts event that they wouldn’t otherwise go to, perhaps leading to a creative avenue begging to be explored.

Health & Wellness

Depending on the school, topics like sexual and mental health may not be covered or take precedent. And let’s face it, no high school student these days is going to become awe-struck by some hip cool motivational speaker banging on about how “it’s okay so no”. However, it’s easy for students to get false information that could potentially be dangerous, especially if they’re finding it from a less-than-reliable internet source. Sharing positive messages about mental and sexual health and wellness that resonate with a high school audience is no easy feat!

A trusted mascot serving as the face of Awareness Days is easy to organize and can be extremely beneficial to students in terms of making the messaging engaging, accessible, and comfortable. Students can get accurate and safe information or answers to questions they may be too embarrassed to ask a stranger or a teacher.

Teens are always going to feel “too cool” for something, but keep in mind a lot of a mascot’s appeal is its cheesiness! You don’t need to go overboard with the theatrics, but a conscious, enthusiastic, and authentic mascot character can go a long way towards inspiring learning and positive messages within your high school community. Got questions about creating the perfect High School Mascot? Reach out to your local mascot experts at Hogtown Mascots!