Here’s the Thing…You Need a Mascot.

Here’s the thing. You need a mascot, and you’re looking for a company to build it. (If this is your first stop, then we’ve just saved you a bunch of time.) If you’ve already spent some time shopping around, you probably feel like any number of companies could just crank out a costume for you. But why would you settle for just anyone? That’s a bit like plain old porridge – fills you up, but not at all satisfying.
We could easily rant and rave about great pricing or quality or service. Frankly, so could anyone else (and for the record, we’re pretty darn good at all of those things), but here’s why you are going to choose Hogtown to make your mascot – because we will have as much fun making it, as you will using it.
And shouldn’t we all have just a little fun every day?
So take a look around our site, check out the galleries and read the testimonials from others who had a great time with us. We’re sure you will too!