Mascot Marketing to Improve Your Brand Awareness. 4 Points to Help You Make An Effective Pitch

Rolaids bee mascot

Make the Case for Mascot Marketing

If your company or client has an existing mascot character, you are already ahead of the game.Why? Because mascot marketing is an effective way to build awareness. When advertising budgets are tight, you want to be able to maximize every dollar spent, by investing in marketing strategies that have both high impact and longevity.

According to a  Synthesio report, “companies with an identifiable character will engage consumers more effectively than those without. A similar study by WSJ also states that in our social media age, many companies are either revitalizing existing characters or are actively developing new characters to represent their brands. This strategy, first made popular in the 1950’s is now enjoying a modern day renaissance.
Here are some points to consider:

Live is Better Than Print.

They say words can jump off the page, but do they really? Flyers or banner ads don’t engage people the way a live mascot does. The Michelin Man, Tony the Tiger and the Geico Gecko have all been successful in building brand awareness for their respective companies by creating emotional connections with consumers.

Focus on Your Demographic.

Your mascot goes to where your customers live, work and play. From private events to parades, there are plenty of opportunities for a brand mascot to show up in locations with a captive audience.

Pack It Up and Go.

Mascots are the most flexible and portable of all marketing tools – in the community, at sporting venues, trade shows, store openings or charity events.

Brand Mascots and Social Media – A Match Made In Heaven.

According to the same Synthesio report, you get more buzz on social media when you have a mascot. This is because you can create a distinct persona for your brand mascot, with its own social media channels for people to follow and interact with.

So next time you’re in a strategy meeting, throwing around ideas in search of the holy grail of consumer engagement, just picture Tony the Tiger giving you a big thumbs up and saying, “Mascots are greeeaaat!”

If you’d like to know more about how a mascot can help build your brand awareness, contact us!