First Time Mascot Performer Tips

If you’ve recently landed your first gig as a mascot performer, congratulations! However, you may not be sure what your next steps are to ensure your performance is a great success. Putting on a mascot suit and interacting with a crowd can be a very fun and rewarding experience for all, but it pays to be prepared!
Luckily, we at Hogtown Mascots have put together this guide for first time mascot performers to help you prepare and feel more confident in your performance.

  • Make fun a priority. Remember that your performance is all about having fun – for both you and your audience! If you are having a good time, those watching you will likely have a good time too.
  • Practice in costume. If you have access to the mascot costume ahead of time, try it on and practice your moves in front of a full-length mirror. Try out different poses, walks and gestures to get a feel for how they will look to the audience.
  • Research your character. As a mascot performer, you become the character you are portraying. If the character already has its own personality, do research, watch videos of past performances and read up on its backstory so you can convey the character correctly.
  • Keep the purpose of your performance in mind. Is your mascot character selling a product, hyping up a crowd, or educating an audience? Stay focused on the reason for your performance and ensure all of your actions express this message clearly.
  • Exaggerate your movements. When you’re underneath your mascot costume, it is essential that you exaggerate any movements you make for maximum effect and so your audience can see them clearly.
  • Pace yourself. Since this is your first performance, don’t over-exert yourself. It takes time to understand just how far you can push yourself and how often you will need to take breaks.
  • Keep hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water the day leading up to your first event and during the day of. Mascot costumes can be heavy and moving around in one will cause you to become dehydrated much faster than usual.

For more great mascot performer tips, we recommend that you check out our Performers & Training section of the Hogtown Mascots site. Also, be sure to browse our Blog for the latest ideas for your next performance!