Where To Find Mascot Jobs

Whether you’re in a big city or small town, there are plenty of opportunities available for different mascot jobs, if you know where to look. Here are some tips to help you start your search.
Local Schools
Many schools at all levels have a mascot costume. While the school might have volunteer students or staff who wear the costume, they may welcome the idea of having a dedicated performer who will show up to every game, rally and homecoming. This could be a good opportunity for someone who is just starting out as a mascot performer to gain valuable ‘field’ experience and can lead to other mascot gigs at higher level institutions such as colleges and universities.
Companies & Charities
Many companies that own mascot suits would prefer to have an experienced performer to represent them, rather than a reluctant volunteer from the office. Not only do they benefit from having a more lively and interactive character, who is committed to bringing their mascot to life and fully representing their brand, but it allows other employees to focus on the job they are actually hired to do. Canvas companies in your area or check local job listings for current opportunities. You may also want to get on a performance roster with a reputable mascot company who may require your services from time to time for their own clients.
Parades and Festivals
Most cities and towns have organizing committees for local parades and festivals, and mascots are ALWAYS a big part of these events. Make inquiries with those individuals who are in charge of floats, walkarounds or general entertainment to see what mascot jobs are available for these events. If you own your own mascot costume, they may even want to hire your character to participate at local events.
Sports Teams and Clubs
Sports teams, especially at the pro and semi-pro levels are very serious about their mascots. Quite often, a team’s mascot is a full-time job – not only performing at every game, but making many appearances throughout the year at promotional events, hospitals, parties and charity functions. You will want to check individual team websites for any mascot job openings in your area. In addition, the same mascot performer will often provide services to all affiliated teams – minor league, triple A, etc., so you could find yourself very busy performing as a sports team mascot.
Once you’ve landed the mascot job you want, make sure to find out everything you need to know about performing and costume maintenance from the experts at Hogtown Mascots!