Everything You Need to Know About Mascot Recycling

After years of being the happiest chipmunk for your high school sports team or working the stage as a singing slice of grapefruit for the top fruit beverage company in the region, it might be time to retire your mascot costume.

Over time, even the best-made mascot costumes can become outdated, faded, or in a state of disrepair, especially if they’re heavily used.  Or perhaps your employer is rebranding and wishes to adopt a new character to represent the company moving forward. Whatever the case, at some point a mascot costume will reach the end of its life, and you’ll need to consider how to get rid of it in a smart, sustainable way.

We’re here to tell you that the nearest trashcan is no place for a well-loved mascot costume! Instead, embrace one of the three Rs (recycle, reduce, reuse, and close the loop). In doing so, you may even discover that perhaps there is still some life left in that big fuzzy suit, saving you the expense of replacing it right away.

Below, we share everything you need to know about keeping your mascot costume out of the landfill:

1. Is Your Costume Fixable?

Here is a question: is your costume fixable? Bring your costume into your local mascot experts for an assessment to see if there may be a way to improve your original costume’s look and feel without losing any of its charm or appeal. A little bit of sewing, a couple of new buttons, and a good old-fashioned cleaning job can go a long way towards breathing life into a tired-looking mascot.  

Plus, even if you decide to swap mascot outfits eventually, you can donate the newly repaired costume to somebody else or trade it in for an upgraded model (see below).

2. A Deep Cleaning

While you should be cleaning your mascot after every use, thorough, extensive cleaning by a team of mascot-cleaning pros can effectively remove stains and odours, freshen the outside and inside of your costume, make colours appear more vibrant, and un-matt the fleece or fuzz lining the exterior of your costume. From drab to fab in only a few hours.

Your mascot costume is bound to get dirty with frequent use, and the misconception is that professional cleaning can be a costly expense. On the contrary, a comprehensive cleaning is not only affordable, but it’s a necessity if you want to extend the life of your costume. Even if you’re still wanting to replace your mascot, a thoroughly cleaned costume will give you a higher resale or trade-in value.

3. Repurpose Your Mascot Costume

If your mascot costume is in good shape, you might want to consider repurposing it. Perhaps your company is re-branding and bidding adieu to your signature tiger mascot costume that was used at corporate events. It’s worth doing a little research to see if a local sports club, school or organization is also represented by a tiger; the costume could be put to great use by a group who may not otherwise have the funds to purchase a mascot costume of their own.

4. Trade in Your Costume

If you are the sole proprietor of the costume, trading in your used mascot is an environmentally conscious (not to mention financially conscious) way to get rid of a used mascot! Many local mascot companies will offer a trade-in program, and there are two main benefits to taking advantage of this:

  • You save money on a new costume. In this economy, every penny counts!
  • You or your employer can be proud of your environmentally friendly decision, knowing that you’ve kept an old costume out of a landfill.

5. A Remascot Program

Even if you’re concerned that your mascot costume is beyond a state of repair, there is still a great option for disposing of it responsibly: enter the Remascot Program! Offered at Hogtown Mascots, our Remascot Program takes parts and materials from recycled costumes, re-using them to create new mascot masterpieces at reduced costs!

Not only are these affordable refurbished mascots a great option for organizations and non-profits who may not have the funds to purchase a brand-new custom mascot costume, but the program also significantly diminishes a mascot’s impact on the environment by reducing the amount of fabric, foam, and other materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The statistics have spoken, and they have confirmed that a mascot can be even more influential than a celebrity! Indeed, when it comes to branding, having a mascot represent a product or a company can have a far greater impact than receiving a paid celebrity endorsement.

This is reason enough to ensure that your mascot costume remains in pristine condition. Who wants to share a multimedia message or take a picture with a dilapidated character whose better days are behind him or her?

Give your mascot the TLC it deserves by treating it to the repairs and deep cleaning it needs while in use. And once your time together is done, consider repurposing or trading it in, to allow it to keep spreading smiles for years to come.