Custom Mascot Case Studies

Mascots are outstanding for enhancing the quality of a great many things, including sporting events, product releases and corporate events. You may be considering to design your own mascot, or wondering the impact it can have on your customers and business. Learn about the atmosphere and energy mascots create with examples from these case studies, and how a few custom mascots in Canada have managed to boost the excitement, attentiveness and overall quality of an event.
Pachi the Porcupine; Pan-Am Games 2015
Held in the Greater Toronto area this year, the 2015 Pan-Am Games is the biggest sporting event in all of the Americas. However, while the games are all about the athletes and national pride, these are not the only things that keep crowds energized and engaged. The Pan-Am Games’ official custom mascot, Pachi, was key for making every moment at the games one to remember; his playful antics, fun design and interesting background story are elements that made that happen.
Another key is his universal nature that kept everyone connected. Each quill on his back represented a country that participated in the 2015 Pan-Am Games. This ensured that despite the fact that Pachi is Canadian born and bred, people felt a connection with him.
Pachi showed how a custom mascot can be used to bring everyone together, even at an event where dozens of groups are competing against each other for a single prize.
Fin the Whale: Vancouver Canucks
From the moment they step into your stadium, you want the opposing team to be uncomfortable (within reason). For example, the Vancouver Canucks NHL team deploys Fin the Whale with a visage that is more vicious than a great white shark so it intimidates the opposition throughout the entire game, but boosts the crowd’s spirit. This mascot suits the Canadian hockey team as they are energetic and fight for a win.
Despite the fact that Fin the Whale is a vicious creature, he still manages to play nice with the home crowd, and can often be seen playing with Canucks fans and taking photos with children.
Fin the Whale is a perfect example of a mascot that helps a home team really feel as though they have the home court advantage, while still making sure that the entire crowd has fun during every moment of a game.
Youppi!: Montreal Canadiens
Youppi! is a character that keeps the Canadiens fans entertained throughout the entire game, even if there are rain delays. After becoming a free agent, this mascot made his first NHL appearance in 2005 after previously working with the Montreal Expos baseball team. He is the first mascot to work for two professional sports teams, as well as the first mascot to represent the Montreal Canadiens in 96 years.
With bright orange fur, a small nose and eyes so close together that they almost touch, this mascot is the life of the party. Youppi! is always jumping around with glee, poking fun at the crowd or cheering on his beloved hockey team. Youppi is an outstanding example for seeing how a well implemented mascot can enhance the quality of a sporting event, even if you don’t even know what this custom mascot is supposed to be.
Help design and create your custom mascot with these case study ideas.
All of the mascots discussed above have unique ways of enhancing the quality of an event, and give fans a unique and unforgettable experience. Make sure to use some of their qualities in your custom mascot.