How to Build a Survival Kit for Mascot Shows

Whether you’re on stage or on the field, here are our top 10 picks for ‘must have’ items in your survival kit when doing any kind of mascot shows, until you can get a proper repair done. In no particular order:

  1. Lint Roller

Pick up all kinds of unwanted fuzz and dust with a sticky paper roller. Especially good if your mascot costume is white or the fabric attracts dust and fibres.
2. Pet Brush
A soft bristle brush is great for fluffing up fur just before an appearance. If the mascot has been stored away for a while or recently cleaned, some gentle brushing with pet brush will get it looking like new again.
3. Needle and Thread
A torn seam can happen anytime and if it’s in an obvious spot, you’ll want to be able to sew it up quickly. A small spool in the same color as your mascot is a great idea, otherwise basic black or white can work in a pinch.
4. Fabric Scraps & Paint
If you are a more experienced mender, you can carry a few of the same fabrics that your costume is made of for doing patch-up jobs. On a similar note, carrying some extra paint can take care of unexpected scuffs or scratches on things like eyes and noses.
5. Safety Pins
They’re not just for diapers (remember those days?). A safety pin is a great quick fix for a broken snap, strap or zipper. Try to find larger size ones that can withstand the pressure from the pulling of heavy fabrics. Whatever they’re replacing though, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible.
6. Anti-static Spray
Sometimes a freshly cleaned mascot suit can be subject to static cling, especially if the environment is dry and hot. A bit of anti-static spray on the fur will protect those around you from getting a little shock when they reach out to shake your hand. We know you want to give an electrifying performance, but that’s taking it a bit too far.
7. Hot Glue or Instant Glue
Did you just find an eyeball or tongue on the floor? Have some type of quick-setting glue on hand for just such an emergency. Also great for things like buttons, belt buckles, badges and moustaches.
8. Adhesive Remover
Getting chewing gum out of your fur is much easier when you have some adhesive remover on hand. Follow the directions on the bottle to save yourself from cutting away the fur unnecessarily and leaving a bald spot.
9. Stain Removal Pen
To help defend against street eaters and coffee drinkers, carry a stain removal stick so you can immediately treat various food stains as they happen. It may not remove the stain completely but it will help a lot until you have the opportunity for a proper cleaning.
10. Wet Wipes/Alcohol Wipes

A moist towelette is a great way to get rid of immediate surface dirt from any part of the costume. In fact, it’s always a good idea to wipe down the entire costume with a damp cloth at the end of every performance. This will help prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the fibres. Alcohol wipes can be used to clean stains and scuffs from plastic parts. Test the areas beforehand to make sure the alcohol doesn’t affect paint or other treated surfaces.
Bonus – These items aren’t necessarily in the top 10, but they still make a great addition to any mascot care kit: duct tape, fresh batteries, spare t-shirt/shorts/socks, umbrella, extra gloves/head padding/shoulder padding, a towel, portable fan, bottled water.
The knowledgeable folks at Hogtown Mascots can help you prepare for your next event too, and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Get in touch today for all your custom mascot needs!