Best NHL Mascots

Although the game itself will always be the prime attraction for an NHL game, there is more to the event than this. An NHL game keeps every member of the crowd engaged for the entire time; this includes every minute that the players aren’t even on the ice. This is because most of the 30 NHL teams have outstanding mascots to keep everyone’s attention. Although they are all great, some NHL mascots are better at entertaining the crowd than others. If you’re thinking about investing in a mascot for your organization, then you should try to emulate the best of what the NHL mascots bring to an event. To help you with this, we’re going to take a look at the best NHL mascots and what makes them so great.
Wild Wing of the Anaheim Ducks
This mascot has quickly become iconic for not only the Ducks, but also hockey as a whole. Wild Wing’s design perfectly blends the design influence of 1990’s Disney characters and the fierce intensity of an NHL team. His downright cool style has allowed him to stand the test of time, outlasting the cartoon characters that influenced his design in the first place.
Al the Octopus of the Detroit Red Wings
This mascot’s design is steeped in the annals of Michigan sports history. Detroit’s obsession began in the 1950s, when a fan threw a real octopus onto the ice during an actual game. This lore has allowed Al to drive a deeper connection with the crowds. Also, two copies of his likeness are hung up in the rafters when they win the Stanley Cup (16 legs represent the 16 wins it takes to win it all).
Spartacat of the Ottawa Senators
This two-legged lion is friendly looking enough to be cute and cuddly to kids, but just odd looking enough that nobody knows what he will do next – and he delivers on both accounts. When he’s not aimlessly skipping around playing nice with the kids, Spartacat is pulling off antics to make the entire crowd turn their heads and giggle, gasp, and cheer.
Mick E. Moose of the Winnipeg Jets
Mick E. Moose looks wild and crazy, and that is exactly the type of time that he delivers for the fans. This mascot’s design is a perfect example of how you can set the expectations for what a mascot will do before it acts.
Harvey the Hound of the Calgary Flames
You don’t earn the distinction of being the NHL’s longest lived mascot without being adored by the fans — and being one of the best NHL mascots out there. This mascot features an adorable dog design, complete with a recently fetched bone, a wagging tongue and mischievous eyes. Having survived a multitude of disasters, including a flood and tongue removal, Harvey is a tough pup as well.
Make sure that your next mascot is as adored as these mascots
These are the best NHL mascots because they look great and promote enthusiasm and energy in the arenas, as well as their continual commitment to the communities. When you get your mascot designed, keep these factors in mind. To learn more about how to make the best mascot design choices, contact the experts at Hogtown Mascots.