Benefits of a Corporate Mascot

There are many steps that you should take towards improving the success of your company’s marketing campaign. Although advertisements and digital marketing content are the most common tools used for marketing, they should by no means be the only ones used. One of the most valuable – and most overlooked – resources for marketing a business is the corporate mascot. Let’s take a look at what makes them such a great boon for your company’s marketing campaign.
They make your company’s name more memorable
The better consumers remember your company’s name, the more likely it is that your company will come to mind when someone is in need of products and services that you offer. A good corporate mascot is great for this purpose. Be sure to implement a mascot design that has real character and that attracts people’s eyes. Also don’t forget to integrate your company’s name and branding somewhere into the mascot’s design.
They increase brand awareness
What do consumers know about your company’s brand other than its logo and name? This can be difficult to define for consumers, especially since you can lose their attention in less than a second. A good mascot, whose sole purpose is to keep people engaged, can exude and reinforce any element of your company’s brand that you wish to show people.
They make your company more likable
It doesn’t matter how well people know your brand if they dislike your company. Ensuring that your company is likable enough for people to want to invest in your products and services is an often a challenge (people are always skeptical of the motives of a corporation). A great corporate mascot can use the sheer force of its likeability to help you usurp any misgivings that people may have about your company, and replace them with a more positive perception.
They connect with people in a way that humans cannot
At first, it can seem counter-intuitive to think that a mascot can connect with people better than an actual person can, but sometimes one just needs a change of pace to get the message. People can learn how to tune out other humans, regardless of the message that is being delivered. A mascot, on the other hand, catches people’s eyes, because their presence is so out of the ordinary. Insurance company Geico which employs a friendly British gecko as a mascot, does a great job of showing how this can work with not only television ads, but also with live mascot costumes.
You can make a corporate mascot work exclusively for your company
Like your company’s name and logo design, a corporate mascot can be trademarked. This allows you to reap the full benefits of a custom designed mascot without having to worry about any conflicts caused by a mascot design theft. Ask Hogtown Mascots about our licensing services.
*Bonus: Your employees will love your mascot
Your consumers aren’t the only ones who will become more engaged with your company as the result of a great mascot. Your company’s employees will become more strongly attached to your company’s brand and corporate culture through the engagement of a well-designed corporate mascot.
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