Mascot Costume Ventilation, Fans and Ice Vests…Oh My!

When used effectively, a good mascot can boost morale capture people’s attention and build your organization’s brand. A mascot is used most effectively when you use a real live mascot, instead of a photograph — by real mascot, we mean a person in a mascot costume. That being said, a mascot costume is a often comprised

5 Tips to Remember When It Comes to Mascot Storage

Storing your mascot properly when you’re not using it is vital to extending its life. When you store your mascot properly, you’re protecting it from things like dust, possible bugs and rodents, as well as moisture. Knowing the correct way to store your mascot until the next time you need it can be difficult. Here

5 Creative Ways to Use Custom Mascots

Custom mascots are a wonderful and fun way to promote your brand, celebrate an event, or market a product or promotion. Because quality custom mascots are made to last, you might want to consider all the different ways you can use them for your business and give you the best return your investment. Here’s a list