Invite a Sesame Street Walkaround Character to Your Next Event

Planning a successful event is difficult, to say the least. You have to pick an appropriate venue, provide plenty of activities, make sure there is enough of everything and make sure that nobody feels left out. One way to help light up guests’ faces is to invite a few of your favourite Sesame Street walkaround characters to meet and greet

Top 4 Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Mascot Storage

Proper care of your mascot must include appropriate mascot storage to ensure that your mascot stays in tip-top condition and will last for many years. Mascots get ruined when stored in wet basements, musty storage bins, or crammed into office storage closets. Here are the main mascot storage mistakes to avoid. Spacious storage facility Your mascot

Putting on a Show? Get Custom Sets and Props from Hogtown Mascots!

Hogtown Mascots does business all over the world. We’ve attained that status by providing a host of support and advisory services, which back up the quality of our costumes and our easy design/ordering process. One of the most important is the provision of custom sets and props, used to reinforce both mascot character and performance

What to do When You Encounter Someone Who Has a Fear of Mascots

Thousands of businesses have increased their brand awareness, and sales, by aligning their company with an appealing mascot. For example, who hasn’t heard of Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger, or Mickey Mouse? Mascots are widely used as teaching aids for children. Children generally connect to animal mascots, and have been known to respond to them, even when serious