9 Famous Sports Mascots Around the Sports World

Mascots have become synonymous with sports. In addition to entertaining the fans, mascots are there to represent the team and show pride for the organization. The very first sports mascot is said to have made its field debut in the early 1880s; over a century later, the mascot is now a well-loved fixture on nearly every major league and college level sports team. With hundreds of mascots around, who are the most well-known and celebrated mascots of all time? 

Here are nine famous sports mascots from around the sports world: 

1. Phillie Phanatic | Philadelphia Phillies | MLB 

Even if you are not a sports fan, you are probably aware of theĀ PhillieĀ Phanatic. This is one of the most famous mascots in the entire sports world, and the Phanatic possesses a crossover appeal. Perhaps because he was created with input from Jim Henson, who was the creator of the Muppets. Phillie has been such an integral figure that he remains one of three mascots to have its costume inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who better than theĀ PhillieĀ Phanatic?Ā 

2. San Diego Chicken | San Diego Padres | MLB 

How did a chicken become so famous? Well, you will need to ask the San Diego Chicken, who debuted for the San Diego Padres in 1974. This charismatic Chicken is one of few mascots to appear at a wide range of other sporting events and concerts, which perhaps made him one of the 100 most powerful people in sports for the 20th century, according to a list from the Sporting News.Ā Thatā€™s a high honour, for a chicken!

3. Mr. Met | New York Mets | MLB

Everyone loves Mr. Met, even fans of the New York Yankees.Ā 

Mr. Met started its career as a cover of game programs in 1963. This was when the New York Mets were still playing in northern Manhattan at the Polo Grounds. A year later, when the franchise moved into Shea Stadium, the club introduced a live costumed version of Mr. Met. It was such a popular mascot that it eventually became a spokesperson for the MTA New York City Transit and was profiled by Rolling Stone magazine. 

4. Bailey | Los Angeles Kings | NHL 

Bailey is one rowdy lion. The Los Angeles Kings mascot is known for being a rabble-rouser, sparing no victims during games and outside of the hockey arena. Bailey has consistently made headlines, from mocking Anaheim Ducks players who were suffering from the mumps to getting into a Twitter feud with former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar CM Punk.Ā 

Mascots are known for being cute, cuddly, and likable. Bailey is the exact opposite of all those things. Is that such a bad thing? 

5. Rocky | Denver Nuggets | NBA 

In 2008, Denver Nuggets SuperMascot Rocky was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. While the costume might not be the most original, the performance is always top-notch with the lovable lion never failing to deliver plenty of in-game antics. In one instance, he lost consciousness during a daredevil stunt in 2013. In another example, he suffered a kick to the face from Dwight Howard.Ā Nothing wrong with a little mascot muscle now and then.

6. Benny the Bull | Chicago Bulls | NBA 

Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls is considered a pioneer in both the NBA and across the sports world. He was first introduced in the 1960s and was the first NBA mascot to travel the sidelines. Many fans enjoy his impressive dunking performance that has garnered international attention, resulting in invitations to perform these dunks in Dubai and London. Today, he performs at 150 events per year.Ā 

7. The Presidents | Washington Nationals | MLB 

Although the Washington Nationals’ main mascot is Screech, most people are more familiar with The Presidents, thanks to their big-headed foot races during the seventh inning stretch. The Presidents ā€“ Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and William Howard Taft ā€“ combine the rich history of the United States, with America’s favorite pastime: baseball.Ā 

8. Wally the Green Monster | Boston Red Sox | MLB 

It has long been quipped that Wally the Green Monster is the only likable Boston sports fan. Wally, who debuted in just 1997, is one of those mascots that sticks to the basics: warm, likable, and entertaining. Supposedly, Wally recently caught the attention of theĀ PhillieĀ Phanatic, and the duo is now engaged in a never-ending dispute.Ā 

9. Youppi! | Montreal Canadiens | NHL 

Youppi! was originally the mascot for the Montreal Expos, but then the team left town, leaving the mascot without a home. It was adopted by the Montreal Canadiens during the 2005-2006 season, making it the first mascot to transition from one sports league to another officially. This was enough to sendĀ Youppi! to the Baseball Hall of FameĀ andĀ the Mascot Hall of Fame.Ā