7 Unexpected Events to Bring Your Custom Mascot

Many custom mascots are designed and used for specific events, like a sports team or company mascot. But your mascot can do so much more in the community by sharing your mascot’s excitement and energy with so many more people. Some companies sponsor events, or some events have designated characters to represent their brand.
Here are seven unexpected events that your custom mascot could participate in:
Opening Ceremonies
Every year, there are opening ceremonies for a variety of events in your local community. From the start of little league baseball, to new stores at your local mall, your custom mascot can be a valuable part of advertising your event. You can ensure that attendees are well entertained, especially for openings where there will be long line ups.
Hospital patients of all ages will enjoy a visit from your custom mascot. From dancing, shaking hands and giving hugs, your mascot can certainly brighten the faces of patients, staff and visitors.
Company Picnics
Many companies put on summer picnics with special events for children. Fun-loving custom mascots would be perfect for the event to energize the crowd, participate in races or other activities, lead children in some silly dances, or be there to hug and have pictures taken with the guests.
Block Parties
Every year, whether it’s a local residential neighbourhood, or a street filled with businesses, a block party can be the perfect spot for your mascot to shine. At local block parties hosted by cities or condominium properties, a mascot can be that extra entertainment for all ages to enjoy. Local businesses can also increase store traffic by having your mascot dance and entice potential customers to visit the store.
Wedding receptions
It might sound quirky, but some weddings are unique and would love guests to be met at the reception door by your mascot, or encourage guests to dance with the newlyweds. No words but a big grin and a welcoming attitude will add the right note to an evening to remember.
Special Police or Fire Service Events
Most police or fire departments hold events at least once a year. These can include awareness programs, community safety, as well as fundraising events. Some departments have their own mascots for these events and this could also be an opportunity to show off your company’s mascot, especially if you are a sponsor.
Community Programs
No matter the season, there are usually community events sponsored by radio stations, restaurants or cities. You can bring your mascot to New Year eve parties, community clean-ups, cultural events and sponsored city events such as skating and swimming. Get the community to engage with you by dancing, signing autographs and participating in the event.