5 Tips to Remember When It Comes to Mascot Storage

multibox2Storing your mascot properly when you’re not using it is vital to extending its life. When you store your mascot properly, you’re protecting it from things like dust, possible bugs and rodents, as well as moisture. Knowing the correct way to store your mascot until the next time you need it can be difficult. Here are a few general tips to keep in mind:
Clean your mascot after each use
After each use, you should always clean your mascot. Cleaning will vary depending on the type of mascot you have. There are two main types of mascots: a head mascot (where the head is separate from the body suit) and a uni-body mascot (one large structure that goes over the entire body). For tips on how to clean each type, visit our mascot cleaning page.
After a major event (where the costume will be worn for a long period of time, or multiple days in a row) or at the end of a season/school year, consider sending your mascot over to us for a professional, deep cleaning. We’ll make sure your mascot is like new—inside and out!
Make sure your mascot is dry
Make sure the mascot is dry before packing it up. This is critical to avoid bacteria and keep mold away from your mascot costume. After you’re finished cleaning your mascot, make sure you let it dry completely before storing it.
Another thing to keep in mind is the bag or case you’re storing your mascot in. You should also ensure that it is clean and dry before using it for storage.
Consider the shape of your mascot
If the mascot has appendages like large ears, wings, or a tail then you should avoid bending those pieces to store the mascot. This could alter the shape or position and take a lot of work to but it back in place. It’s much easier to invest in a larger bag—or a second bag—so that all parts of the mascot fit nicely inside.
Make sure you have enough space
Make sure you have enough space to store your mascot. If the mascot is being stored in a soft bag rather than a hard case you should avoid stacking anything on it, or stacking it on top of oddly-shaped objects. This could bend and damage parts of the mascot, which could be costly to repair.
Also consider where you are storing it. You should store your mascot in a dry, temperature controlled environment. Older basements and garages are not ideal as they can often be cold and musty.
Inspect your mascot thoroughly
Always take the time to go over your mascot in detail before storing it to make sure there are no rips or damage that needs to be repaired. You don’t want to open it the next time you need it and realize it must be fixed before it’s used.
If you’re still unsure about how to store your mascot, consider giving it to us. We can store your costume in a clean, temperature controlled environment until you need it again. This is perfect for all types of mascots, from holiday types to school sports!
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