5 Reasons Why You Should Have Hogtown Train Your Mascot

Put an untrained man or woman in a mascot costume, and that’s what your audience is going to see—some guy or girl stuffed into a hot costume. Put a trained mascot performer in that same costume, in front of that same audience and you’re going to make people pay attention. A mascot represents you and your organization in the most direct way, so why would you settle for second class representation that makes people think you’re a second-class organization? Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should have Hogtown train your mascot performer.

  1. Improving Communication. A mascot performer should not speak as it will ruin the imagination of the character since the performer will not have the same voice. However, this cardinal rule doesn’t lend itself well to communicating with the audience. You don’t want to break the illusion of your character and you certainly don’t want to deliver your message via muffled and distorted voices. That’s why Hogtown Mascots can teach your mascot performer the behavioural skills required to communicate clearly and effectively without a single word. Your performers will also learn how to work with one another and with un-costumed partners to deliver their stories without ever needing a verbal communication.
  2. Basics of Events. The best mascot performers aren’t just there, they’re leading the fans at your events to greater and more spectacular levels of excitement. A well-trained performer can start a wave, rally the fans after a goal, or lead a parade float and more. By learning the ropes of event performances, your mascots will become highly effective tools in shaping any event to your liking. Learning how to ride floats safely and elicit crowd reactions that are fun and energetic, so everyone gets involved. When guests and crowds are engaged and involved, they will remember the event long after it ended.
  3. Worker Safety and Comfort. An untrained mascot performer can be a risk to themselves and others. At Hogtown your performers will learn to stay safe, comfortable, and—ever important—cheerful. After all, you need your mascot to be energized, excited, and happy; the morale of the man or woman under the mask directly impacts the effect of the mascot.
  4. Entertain Children and Adults. Learning to play to every section of the crowd takes practice and knowledge. By having your mascot performers train at Hogtown, they’ll gain what they need to entertain the young guests and the older ones in equal measure, without sacrificing fun for either. Like any skillfully crafted piece of family entertainment, a mascot performer with a savvy understanding of their audience can produce double-sided entertainment that works on different levels for different age groups.
  5. Create a Memorable Character. Ultimately, what decides the success of a mascot is the impact of the mascot as a character. When faced with a situation, will fans be excited to see a reaction from your mascot—and know what to expect, more or less? Consistent and entertaining characterization goes a long way in building mascot performer efficiency, but learning the skills without a trainer can be extremely difficult. By working together with professionals at Hogtown, any mascot performer can transform a costume into a character worth remembering.

Ready to take the plunge and turn your boring costume filler into a true performer? Do you want to hire a top-end professional mascot performer, or just have more questions you want to ask? Contact Hogtown Mascots today and find out what we have to offer.