5 Design Tips for Cartoon Mascot Costumes

Cartoon mascot costumes are great tools for entertaining and engaging audiences of all ages. A good cartoon mascot costume will bring a high level of energy and fun in a way that nothing else can. Before you gain these benefits though, you have to actually have a good cartoon mascot costume at your disposal. There are many factors that go into designing cartoon mascot costumes, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re going to streamline the design process for you by breaking down the five design tips that you need to follow.

  1. Factor in every trait that your mascot must have

Your cartoon mascot costume is being designed for a specific purpose. In order to make sure that it fits that purpose, you’ve got to create a list of traits that are relevant. One of the most common traits on cartoon mascot costumes for example, is a particular facial expression – a big smile or a growling mouth.
You also need to know what traits to avoid, depending on your audience. For example, you wouldn’t want a scowling shark to be your cartoon mascot costume for an event to entertain small children.

  1. Determine how you can create unique features relevant to your mascot’s purpose

Your mascot costume will be unique. When you add additional unique features that relate to your mascot’s purpose, it becomes even more effective. Consider unique factors that you can use. Think about things like colors that relate to your school or company, or props for the mascot that help to convey its personality and your brand – such as a sword, umbrella, etc. Pachi the Porcupine, the mascot for the 2015 Pan Am Games, for example, featured 41 quills that represented the 41 countries participating in the games.

  1. Consider including other people in the design process

For schools and community groups in particular, a great way to ensure that everyone will love your cartoon mascot costume is to let them help design it. In addition to ensuring that the design will be something that everyone actually likes, it also makes the mascot costume more endearing. You could, for example, hold a mascot sketch contest, wherein the winner’s sketch is the foundation for your mascot’s final design. This approach can be used for audiences of any age, including small children (you can enhance the quality of the sketch as you progress through the various stages of the costume design process).

  1. Make sure that your design leaves room for comfort

A poorly designed mascot costume will be uncomfortable, hot, and possibly even dangerous. Even if the final look of the mascot is amazing, make sure that your cartoon mascot costume design factors in the person who will be wearing it with obvious room for ventilation and comfort zones.
Also, if you plan on having someone specific wear your cartoon mascot costume, factor in the unique features of that person. If, for example, a person is over 200cm tall, you’re going to have to make sure that your mascot costume design includes dimensions that are much larger than the standard size.

  1. Bring all of your design ideas for cartoon mascot costumes to a professional

Although you may be doing a lot of the cartoon mascot costume design legwork yourself, this doesn’t meant that you have to — or should — go it alone. In order to have a perfectly crafted design, you will need the help of a mascot costume design professional. Be sure to consult with them before you finalize anything — especially if your mascot costume manufacturer includes design support as a part of their service package.
Designing your cartoon mascot costume doesn’t have to be overwhelming
At first glance, creating a cartoon mascot costume can seem incredibly hard. By taking the five steps discussed above, you’re on your way to having a cartoon mascot costume that works perfectly for your needs.