5 Creative Ways to Use Custom Mascots

Custom mascots are a wonderful and fun way to promote your brand, celebrate an event, or market a product or promotion. Because quality custom mascots are made to last, you might want to consider all the different ways you can use them for your business and give you the best return your investment.
Here’s a list of creative ways you can use custom mascots:

  1. Cast your Mascot in an Outdoor Roadside Spectacle: Everyone is bored when stuck in traffic and are happy to check out any eye-catching distraction when forced to crawl along the roadway in an endless line of cars. Write a simple and short little scenario where one person or mascot causes “trouble” and the other comes to save the day – make your Mascot more than an advert – make him a hero! People love to watch drama unfold.  You could even have them arrive with theme music and samples to give away once the “troublemaker” is under control.
  2. Have your Mascot participate in a Flash Mob:  What could be more fun that having your mascot jiving with a bunch of folks on the street – add a new level of community interaction by making sure your performer is part of the next big flash mob dance in your city. Be sure to record the whole performance so you can post it on your blog.
  3. Create an Online Personality for your Mascot:  Go viral with YouTube “interviews” with your mascot, perhaps give them the star treatment with two bodyguards wearing dark glasses and catch them on the red carpet as he is going into an event. Make your mascot part of your marketing plan via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vine, Facebook and other online venues. Create fan groups with prizes and other awards. Have them listed in top ten lists of celebrities with the best red hair or blue hair (or whatever works for your specific Mascot). Give away prizes that include fun activities for kids to do with your Mascot.
  4. Pretend Your Mascot is Running for Mayor and Run a Political Campaign.  Make sure they get to kiss a lot of babies and hand out a lot of “vote for me” pins. Have them show up for “photo opportunities” in your area – like visiting the hospitals and retirement homes. Get their picture in the local paper and run a list of their proposed “by-laws”.  Create their “stump speech” that will of course include your brand, company or product. Make sure you have posters in your place of business and give the public a chance to provide feedback through a giant suggestion box.
  5. Run a “Where’s Waldo” Style Promotion.  Have your mascot hide in public areas around town in funny ways and give prizes to people who manage to find and photograph them. Make sure they try to run away if someone sees them and make it hard to get that elusive photograph. If your products are geared toward kids – make sure there is an age limit so you don’t get a bunch of adults winning the prizes.

There really is no limit to what you can do with your custom mascots if they’re well designed. You just need your imagination and your sense of humour and laughter will follow!