4 Ways Hogtown Mascots is a Green Mascot Maker

green-mascot-makerHere at Hogtown Mascots, we are mascot makers who are fully committed to providing our clients with the greenest possible techniques for our mascot design, manufacturing and other services. We want to ensure that we’re doing everything in our control to keep the environment safe, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure we offer as many eco-friendly options as possible, including:

  1. Recycling Mascots
    If you’re tired of your current mascot and are looking for a new design or style, don’t throw out your mascot costume! Instead, Hogtown Mascots will work with you to not only redesign your mascot costume, but utilize parts of your old mascot costume that are still in good shape. This means that a significantly less amount of fabric, fillers and plastic will end up in a landfill. Your redesigned mascot will give you the new and modern look you’re searching for, while keeping the original design out of the bin.
  2. Repairing Mascots
    Accidental breakage or damage to mascots can happen, especially since they are often used in high energy, high impact environments. Most mascot caretakers or handlers don’t know how to repair these damages, or don’t want to inflict further damage on them accidentally during repair. This is why our mascot makers at Hogtown Mascots will happily repair your mascot, no matter the damage done to it! By repairing mascots instead of replacing them, you’ll keep the current mascot out of a landfill.
  3. Cleaning Mascots
    Hogtown is pleased to offer customers professional mascot cleaning services using green cleaning methods wherever possible. We also recommend that our clients use simple, eco-friendly cleaning solutions when caring for their own costume. A solution of warm water and a mild soap is often all you need to care for your mascot and keep it fresh and looking great!
  4. 100% Green Energy
    One of our proudest accomplishments is the fact that Hogtown Mascots is bullfrogpowered®. This means that our facility is powered using 100% green electricity, reducing our carbon footprint. Our commitment to using only green energy is a reflection of our ultimate goal of reducing our overall impact on the environment, which we hope to achieve through all aspects of our custom mascot making business!

Interested in learning more about Hogtown Mascots and how we can refurbish or recycle your existing mascot? Contact our top mascot makers today to get started!