10 types of mascot costumes you’ll find at Christmas or Holiday parades

The December Holiday is an exciting time. They energize everyone, even those who dislike the cold weather. One of the best ways to enjoy the holidays is to attend a Christmas or holiday parade. You will see great mascots at a holiday parade that you may not see at any other time. This includes the following mascot costumes:

  1. Elves

No holiday parade in the Greater Toronto Area would be complete without elves. This year, you can expect to see mascot costumes standing atop ginger bread house floats — and a few may even be standing alongside of Santa himself.

  1. Polar bears

The holiday season may be cold. One of the best representatives of the colder weather is a creature that prefers to live in the frozen tundra year-round: the polar bear. As an official representative of winter, polar bear costumes will abound during the holiday parades.

  1. Snowmen

Snowmen can only exist when it’s cold outside, so you can rest assured that they will take this brief opportunity to strut their stuff all throughout this year’s holiday parades. You may even see a few big name snowmen like Jack Frost or Frosty the Snowman.

  1. Snowflakes

Although a snowflake is traditionally seen as an inanimate object, people are creative. Each year, Canadian parades are filled with wonderfully designed snowflake costumes that add a touch of beauty to the event.

  1. Teddy bears

They are cute, cuddly and are one of the most historically popular holiday gifts in history. At the parades, you can expect life sized versions of these cute creations to be gleefully prancing about the packed streets.

  1. Lions and tigers

Although Christmas is always at the forefront, holiday parades aren’t all about this one occasion. They are about celebrating family, togetherness and Canadian culture — and they’re also about having a little bit of fun. As such, you can expect to see mascot costumes not normally associated with the holidays or the wintertime. Lions and tigers are always a part of this group.

  1. Ronald McDonald

The fast food giant makes their presence felt at the Toronto Santa Claus Parade every single year, and you can expect 2015 to be no different. Ronald McDonald will be happily hopping around the streets, waving to the children and posing for pictures. You should also expect a few other commercial icons to be represented in mascot costumes (including name brand coffee cups) during this year’s holiday parades.

  1. Santa Claus

As a major Christmas icon, Santa will be making appearances everywhere throughout Canada this December. A Santa Claus costume will be the highlight of many holiday parades for a lot of Canadians this year.

  1. Reindeer

In addition to being a huge part of the Santa Claus lore, reindeer are an important part of Canadian culture in general. As a result, you can expect reindeer mascot costumes to be featured both on Santa’s sleigh and as a part of their own performance and display during this year’s holiday parades.

  1. Disney characters

Disney makes its presence felt everywhere – and with good reason. People of all ages have grown up with one Disney character or another, and the company keeps people’s imaginations alive by allowing their mascots to be at the forefront of a myriad of holiday parades. This is especially true for the relatively new, but extremely popular characters from the movie Frozen (especially since they perfectly fit in with the winter theme).
Winter is coming – and that’s a good thing!
This year’s holiday parades are sure to be a major highlight of the coming winter season. Contact Hogtown Mascots to design and create a mascot for the holiday season, or even accessorize your current Hogtown Mascot costume.