Customer Testimonials

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  • I have to say, you really nailed this.
    Looks amazing, spot on to the drawing. Great work John!
    M.B., Los Angeles CA
  • WOW!!!! I just thought I would look and see if you had posted pics of the finished product. WOW! Thank you so much for all of your patience and work with us. We will put he word out for anyone who even mentions needing a new mascot. If you have business cards you might send a few with the costume. You and your crew are awesome. Thanks soooo much. WOW! Have a great weekend. and did I say Thank you. Thanks!
    He’s here and he’s sooooo flipp’in cool. I put it on and our head coach took me around. Everyone just loved it. Our AD is calling a professional photographer to see if he will take a photo of him. We will send pics soon. Thanks!!
    T.D., St. Joseph MO
  • John,

    Two words “ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!”

    People are already asking where I got it, I will definitely send you some biz.

    A.D., Gaffney SC
  • He looks detail-for-detail the same as he does in the cartoon, but now he has a wonderful presence outside of the TV screen. He’s a joy to wear, very easy to move in, and draws big attention wherever he goes.

    I had to twist my boss’ arm into getting a custom mascot made, but now he agrees that it was worth it and the attention it will draw to our product far outweighs the cost. Ted gives us a tremendous presence wherever we’re seen. He’s a big hit with adults and kids alike.

    As an artist, I appreciated the quality craftsmanship that went into the creation of the costume. Not only is the mascot a true representation of the character, he’s very well constructed and durable.

    Being several hundred miles away didn’t affect our communication or our ability to see progress on the mascot. We were emailed new photos every few days to see how Ted was coming along. We were able to chime in and provide feedback, then just days later, see that feedback applied. When we had a question or a new request in an email, they responded in a matter of minutes. As a final going-away present for Ted, they even put together an incredibly fun music video of one of their performers dancing in the mascot costume to show us how easily you could move inside.

    Absolutely fantastic work and we can’t wait to order our next mascot. This might become a pleasant addiction for us.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    K.F., Nova OH
  • I just love it………it is beautiful! I’ve already tried it on and everyone just loved it. The Principal of the college and my supervisor were just glowing when everyone gathered around to meet Success. Again thank you for your patience and the beautiful work.
    J.C., Campbellton NB