Mascot Costume Ventilation, Fans and Ice Vests…Oh My!

When used effectively, a good mascot can boost morale capture people’s attention and build your organization’s brand. A mascot is used most effectively when you use a real live mascot, instead of a photograph — by real mascot, we mean a person in a mascot costume. That being said, a mascot costume is a thick, voluminous

Mascot Accessories That Make Suiting Up More Comfortable

Mascot Accessories That Make Suiting Up More Comfortable

Every sports team has one, every school wants one, and even your favorite charity often uses one; mascots are not only fun to have but they are quite popular too. Mascots are used to represent an identity or brand and it can be a strong and effective way of marketing. But, have you ever thought of

Here’s How to Make an Effective Pitch for a Mascot to Improve Your Brand Awareness

If your company or client has an existing mascot character, you are already ahead of the game.Why? Because mascots are an effective way to build awareness. Synthesio report, “companies with an identifiable character will engage consumers more effectively than those without. A similar study by WSJ also states that in our social media age, many